Purchase Partner helps reduce costs and increase profitability with a no risk offering.

We do this by optimizing your contracts with existing vendors or by implementing new suppliers with preferential contract rates, without compromising on quality.

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How Purchase Partner works

We review your company's supplier agreements and where appropriate, renegotiate them.

We reduce your company's fixed and variable costs which increases your profitability and allows you to apply your resources elsewhere.
Our fee is based on a percentage of the total savings that we achieve. There is no hourly rate and our invoicing will not start until the new agreements are in effect and savings have started.

When the project is completed you will have a comprehensive pack of signed contracts and the supporting material for each agreement.

We always keep in touch with our clients long after our work is completed and the project is closed. Our partnership with you is important to us.

We believe in the power of personal contact and will always work at the premises of our clients while executing the procurement assignments; it's both more fun and more efficient.

Why Purchase Partner?

We are independent, we provide the proposals / quotes but the client ultimately decides on the preferred supplier and signs the new agreements.

We have experience, we have been around since 2012 and have procurement expertise in more than 130 supplier domains. We know what the "right" market price is at any given time.

We negotiate in many areas - everything from coffee, telephones, printers, postage, office supplies, waste disposal, security patrolling and fiber, to payroll system and account reconciliation... and everything in between!

We have a pricing model completely based on success, we only charge if we succeed together. No hourly or fixed amounts, only a "success fee".

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How Purchase Partner will not work

Purchase Partners receive no financial or other benefits from suppliers. We have no fixed agreements with suppliers and are completely independent.

Each engagement is unique and is tailored to suit the clients’ needs. We do not choose suppliers from quotes and terms they may have offered for previous customers, we negotiate for each engagement.

We do not highlight “bad contracts” or insist we can do it better, rather we work in partnership with your procurement teams, where they exist, to get the best deal for your business and with the right quality.

We have no hidden agenda. We work together with you and always with complete transparency.



"1 million in cost savings can be compared to having to sell for 10
 to achieve the same result."